Winter Gardening Weekend 2006

Our 2006 show really was a trial run for our first attempt at one of the RHS shows, – Cardiff 2006.

The display was built up using a series of old oak stumps inter-planted with plants of winter interest, hellebores of course being a major force.

A touch of humour was added by creating a ‘hobbit-like’ landscape with  an element of fantasy bringing the whole thing to life in a surreal way, emphasised by the lanterns .

This of course would never be accepted in any RHS show but it did have the desired effect here.

Here are just a few pictures in case you didn’t make it.

The main display

1) On the left is the ‘hobbit-like’ complex

winter gardening weekend 2006

2) Tinkling toadstools and an array of china garden ornaments add to the effect.

winter gardening weekend 2006-2

3) The right side was intended to be an ‘Into Spring’ display. Dark leaved plants contrast with the full brilliance of the Daffodils.

winter gardening weekend 2006-3

4) The complete display

winter gardening weekend 2006-4

The show

The 2006 show was well attended throughout the three days, Light refreshments were as popular as ever with home made cakes being very well received again.

1) Here we are then ready for off, 9.30 Friday morning.

winter gardening weekend 2006-5

2)  A huge sigh of relief, after all we always worry that no one will turn up!!!

winter gardening weekend 2006-6

winter gardening weekend 2006-7

winter gardening weekend 2006-8