Winter Gardening Weekend 2005

This year the main focus was hellebores. These jewels of the winter months added something that no other winter flower can. Again this display was never meant to be technically correct, impact was yet again the order of the day.

Here are just a few pictures in case you didn’t make it.

The main display

1) Again garden ornaments were added to liven things up a little. Here for the first time were added several oak stumps to try to create a woodland feel.

winter gardening weekend 2005

2) Red hellebores, somehow a bit special, looking really effective here in a large drift.

winter gardening weekend 2005-2

3) The drift of hellebores in more detail.

winter gardening weekend 2005-3

4) the finished article.  A lot of work but good fun.

winter gardening weekend 2005-4