Winter gardening Weekend 2004

2004 saw our first real effort to make a feature in the hall, adding a real touch of interest.

It was a real bonus enjoyed by all and set the standards for future shows.

Running water was this years main theme with a large presence of garden ornamentation set amidst drifts of hellebores and other plants of winter interest. This scene was never intended to be technically correct but to have impact. We loved the result.

Here are just a few pictures in case you didn’t make it.

The main display

1) A  cool effect was the desired theme, very green with highlights of colour sprinkled amongst the Hellebores.

winter gardening weekend 2004

2) the floor of this ‘woodland setting’ with seedling hellebores to finish the effect

winter gardening weekend 2004-2

3) The water feature meandering through hellebores.

winter gardening weekend 2004-3

4) The Show.  Thanks to all who attended.

winter gardening weekend 2004-4