Winter Gardening Weekend 2007

2007  was a great success despite the weather being pretty awful. The hellebores were looking really nice and people came from far and wide.

The main display

1) Unfortunately this year the backdrop to the stage was a christmas scene with the ‘Guiding Star’ as a focal point and Bethlehem on the hill behind. We tried to cover it but in the end decided to incorporate it into the display, if you look carefully you can see the buildings through the trees.

winter gardening weekend 2007

winter gardening weekend 2007-2

2) A touch of colour was added usuing Ilex verticillata, the deciduous holly. This was a complete contrast to the hellebores but made a real impact.winter gardening weekend 2007-3

3) A shot from the side showing the drifts of hellebores, planted beneath weeping Silver Birch.

winter gardening weekend 2007-4

4) The Show.  A warm thanks to all who attended.