Winter Gardening Weekend 2008

A huge thanks yet again to all our friends, staff and customers for helping us make this years Winter Gardening Weekend another great success.

It does get a little difficult to add that touch of something different every year. Once again the stage was decorated with our gold medal winning hellebores but this time there was a slightly different format. The background, usually provided for us, was replaced by a blank canvass. This enabled us to do a more accurate ‘garden setting’ with plants that would grow together in the garden. A slightly minimalistic theme was the idea – well actually it was supposed to be very minimalistic with the emphasis on form rather than colour – this never really happened yet the thought was there and you can judge for yourself if it worked or not in the pictures below.

winter gardening weekend 2008

The hellebores were planted under winter trees to create a more realistic ‘garden’

winter gardening weekend 2008-2                       winter gardening weekend 2008-3

Once again I would like to thank all our speakers who did a fantastic job, they were all received with such enthusiasm from their audience that this alone makes the whole event worth while.

I would also like to thanks all the staff and friends who pulled together to put the whole thing together, without you it would not be possible.

Finally a huge thanks to all our customers without whom the whole event would never happen.

Thanks to all!!!