Chelsea - pict70Welcome to my account of our foray into a  brave new world, one full of so many different things – intense competition,  masses of rules and regulations, worry, frustration, joy, excitement, pride, passion, stress….. need I continue.

Back in January 2006 when the application forms for Cardiff RHS show were being filled in (our first attempt at any show other than the local ones),  little did I know that less than ten months later we would be  invited to Chelsea RHS 2007 On the way there we would pick up two gold medals and two ‘best in shows’ from RHS Cardiff, Hampton Court and Tatton Park – all this at our first attempt.

It is with a sense of humility, yet great pride that I write these pages.

First and foremost I would like to thank all the staff involved in what turned out to be such a mammoth task. so here goes (in alphabetical order!!)

A Huge thanks to:

Ange, our computer whiz, sales person extrordinaire, mentor and good friend.

Hazel, who took up the gauntlet and kept my market stall in tip top condition and returned it in a better state than it was originally.

Jeannette, our latest addition who is a natural in the sales area and  with Ange kept it stocked and looking good.

Karen, what a star, someone has to do all the work pricking out, potting, propagation – is there no end to her talents.

Kev, another good friend, who can be seen during all daylight hours waving his hose pipe with glee.

Matt, dumped right in at the deep end having to water non stop for weeks while Kev was away. He did an amazing job.

Mez, one of the stars of the nursery, who keeps us all happy and laughing while still working (well she is female!)

Ruth, sadly not with us any more, I miss her more than I can say, always positive and forward looking with a great sense of humor. Fancy coming back???

Sandy, star of Hampton Court and Tatton Park, she spent hours adding the finishing touches to both.

Simon, my manager supreme, who kept the place running in my absence.

Stu, what a driver! always happy, always willing to help, day or night, who else would I let drive my new lorry!! (don’t mention the mirror :-))

And finally Mum and Dad without whom we certainly couldn’t have done all this. Always stepping in and wearing any hat required without so much as a grumble. Someone once told me how lucky I was to have such parents, well I really don’t need telling I already know. They are the best!!!

It is now 11p.m. I will continue with details of all the shows in the near future…. Watch this space.

Just a few photos below to give you a taster.

Cardiff 2006

Hampton Court 2006

Tatton Park 2006

Westminster 2007

Cardiff 2007

Cardiff RHS, Bute Park, Best in Show April 2006  – more details here

Hampton Court RHS, Gold medal, Best in Show July 2006

Tatton Park RHS, Gold Medal, July 2006.

Westminster RHS, Gold Medal, Feb 2007. Details here

Cardiff  RHS, Gold Medal, April 2007.