Autumn is here

It is only on these fleeting misty mornings that you really appreciate the amount of wildlife that surrounds us, yet we are blissfully unaware of. The spiders are a typical example of this. Hidden from view most of the time until conditions are such that their intricate webs are exposed, covered in glistening drops of water.

This is of course a pre-courser to the colder months ahead, yet we shouldn’t get disheartened. Although it may not seem like it the new gardening year is soon to be started.

Still lets not dismiss this one so quickly, there are still masses of colour to be had. Hardy Chrysanthemums, Michaelmas Daisies, Hardy Impatiens and Hesperantha to mention but a few. With the forthcoming autumnal foliage we are set for a riot of colour to launch us into the darker months.

But are they really the darker months…. OK November and December can be a little dreary but once the days start lengthening we are off again, Snowdrops and Hellebores set the scene, followed by the spring, so not really that bad!!!