Here at the Nursery we have a wide range of vegetables in both plant and seed form, so you can be sure that we will have whatever you need for your vegetable garden.  We have put together a list of our stock of vegetable plants and when they will be ready to purchase.  Please ring us on 01559 363389 or email us at, where we can take your order for mail order, delivery or collection from one of our collection points. The phone line is extremely busy and we are at low staff levels so please be patient. Facebook Messenger, Instagram or twitter are also a good ways to contact us. We also have seed potatoes, shallots and onion sets available.

Our 9 cm Veg Pots
Cucumber Hanna £1.99 March
Carmen £1.99 March
Tomatoes Gardener’s Delight £1.99 March
Moneymaker £1.99 March
Shirley £1.99 March
Totem £1.99 March
Sungold £1.99 March
Golden Crown £1.99 March
Sweet Apperitif £1.99 March
Tumbling Tom £1.99 May
Black Opal £1.99 May
Chilli Pepper Cayenne £1.99 March
Scotch Bonnet £1.99 May
Sweet Pepper Red Skin £1.99 March
Snack Yellow £1.99 May
Snack Red £1.99 May
Snack Orange £1.99 May
Leeks Musselburgh £1.99 April
Strawberries Elan £1.99 March
Toscana £1.99 March
Squash £1.99 April
Courgette £1.99 April
Marrow £1.99 April
Gherkin £1.99 April
Spring Onion £1.99 April
Our Strips of 8

£1.99 each or 5 for £9.50

Broccoli Summer Purple March
Marathon Mid April
Kohl Rabi Rave March
Pak Choi March
Cabbage Greyhound March
Golden Acre March
Rococo March
January King June
Brussel Sprouts Brilliant April
Evesham June
Napoleon June
Borecole (Curly Kale) Winterbor March
Kale Nero Di Toscana March
Lettuce Iceburg Lakeland March
Cos Little Gem March
Butterhead (All The Year Round) March
Lollo Rosso March
Ashbrook March
Swiss Chard Bright Lights March
Pea Mangetout Oregon Sugar Pod March
Beetroot Boltardy March
Runner Bean Streamline Mid April
White Lady Mid April
French Bean Tendergreen Mid April
Swede June

If you are unsure of how to grow veg in your garden, we have a guide to growing onions and a guide to growing potatoes to help you