Stepping Into Spring.

Here we are, standing at the dawn of another spring. With eager eyes and heart and much anticipation, I cannot wait to share in the glory of its birth!

Mother Nature is beginning to slowly open her jewellery box, revealing the wonderful gems she has kept hidden throughout the winter months.  Surely one of the first of these much awaited gems has to be the snowdrop. This tiny pearl waking from its sleep and rising from its earthy bed, to me always has been, and always will be – the first proclamation of spring.

Whether they stand alone or grow in their masses, they truly are a breath-taking sight to behold. This tiny, slender pearl seems to hang its gentle, nodding head in submission to the billowing rage of the north easterly blast.  But is it so really very frail?  Anything but!

Snowdrops in a field, first sign of springThe mighty trees bend and break to the ferocity of this raging “beast”! Branches are torn off and thrown away by the turbulent winds, but the snowdrop remains untouched and unspoiled. Standing so tiny, but so strong. I cannot help but wonder if its little nodding head is hanging in submission, or rather in defiance!

A couple of days ago I awoke to a very icy, cold morning, but the sun was shining against the blue sky with such brilliance, I just had to share being a part of nature. It was actually mildly warm out of the wind so I wrapped up well and wandered down to the estuary to discover more treasures of the new spring birth.

There were many, many daffodils flowering along the wayside, as bright as the morning sun, and to add to the beautiful surroundings, yellow gorse in full flower.  It makes the soul sing to see such an abundance of colourful new life, and know that in all this cold atmosphere, there is the never ending promise of warmth and amazing colours all waiting to awaken.Daffodils by the wayside on a spring day

As I walked on, I noticed a hawk sitting in the bare branches of the trees.  Almost camouflaged, he too seemed to be enjoying the fresh morning air!

I could not help but notice that so many of these trees were completely covered in ivy.  The sun shining on it totally revealed the dark emerald green glossy leaves, together with large, plump black flower heads that shone like polished obsidian.  Absolutely stunning!

In the distance, I could hear the soft, nostalgic humming of a distant train as it wove its way through the valley.  The only manmade movement in this beautiful place.

There were acres of false oat grass, completely golden and swaying gently in the breeze. It looked so elegant as it moved, so graceful.  Set against the oat grass, there were many red and golden Cornus.  The hue was absolutely stunning.  Of course, these plants create such a wonderful winter effect, but to see them set against such lovely scenery, and with the sun, polishing them was truly amazing.

I watched with fascination as the sun shimmered on the river – a beautiful dance of light that just could not be ignored.  The water cascaded over the many rocks as it meandered through the valley, bubbling and busy.  There were some wading birds looking peaceful and seemingly enjoying their morning swim!  I couldn’t help but notice some ice on the edge of the river which caught my eye, as it sparkled like cracked crystal in the morning sun.   Between the many rocks around, I could see shiny dark green ferns growing in abundance.  Their glossy leaves seemed to glow in the fresh new frost.

yellow flowered mahonia I caught the beautiful aroma of Daphne growing in a garden.  The perfume of its flowers floated on the air and was magnificent.  As well as the very early Spring flowers that stand out so strongly, there  is also the winter fragrance of flowers – nothing can be more thrilling than smelling these amazing plants when the warm sun is touching them.  Mahonias in all their magnificence have such strong smelling yellow flowers and are a remarkable sight.  Viburnum Dawn with its pretty pink flowers and so sweetly scented and an absolute must!  Of course, the winter jasmine with its clusters of highly perfumed yellow flowers adorn the air.  The winter box with its dark green glossy leaves and highly scented white flowers have a perfume that floats freely and is truly stunning.

I guess we never really take time to fully appreciate the wonders of the sights and aromas of Mother Nature.  So much beauty surrounds us but our busy lives seem to pass it by.

In the weeks ahead, and not so far away, we will be graced with the many colours and fragrances that nature wants to share with us, and in greatViburnum bodnantense dawn covered in lovely pink flowers abundance.  Trees, in all their majesty, will wear their new robes, and life will flourish freely. New sounds will soon fill air again, of spring birds whistling, and newborn lambs bleating.

I love the joy of the promise of Spring, with all its new life, the majesty of its colours and even the change of atmosphere.  The feeling of “hope” that spring brings.  I believe Spring deserves adulation.  After the long, dreary winter months, I am thrilled to be watching the new season being born.  I can’t wait to feel warm breezes, warm days and share in the promise of the new season.

I’m sure there are many who feel the same way

a patch of yellow and white daffodils