Rare and unusual plants

Impatiens sodenii red leaf form Very rare and unusualWe have over 300 rare and unusual plants listed on our website.

Here at Farmyard Nurseries we grow plants because we love them, not just to sell!Very unusual linaria bred on the nursery Selling is an added bonus.

Because we love plants so much we grow many that are really unusual and often extremely hard to find. So we thought that it would be great if we had a section to show you some of our beauties.

This section is for those of us that have had enough of garden centres selling the same thing all over the country.

Dahlia merckii in all its gloryWe propagate and grow most of our plants and because of this we can provide you with the unusual, the weird, the unattainable and just the downright amazing.

We have several tunnels just filled with plants that are there for stock. We have scoured the world for unusual bits and pieces and enjoyed every moment doing it. It is lovely to be able to pass them on to our wonderful customers.

Do pay us a visit it is worth it.

If you like unusual things then there is an interesting article here on ten of the worlds most interesting plants.