Lenten Roses.

With the days lengthening it is great to see the early spring flowers blooming. Braving all that the weather can throw at them. In the woodland garden they seem to pop up in every nook and cranny. Such beauties as Hardy Cyclamen, Snowdrops, Daffodils and the stunning Lenten Roses (Helleboresdark red lenten roses). The latter are now naturalising gently with hundreds of small plants flowering away.

The only trouble with self sown seedlings is that the best (or the most unusual) are forced out by the stronger reds, pinks, whites and purples. Still they look amazing and if you want the more select ones then there are masses at the nursery, our shop or market stall in Carmarthen or our online shop. Oh and don’t forget the winter gardening weekend is coming up!Helleboru foetidus in full flower

I have a really soft spot for Helleborus. Not just the Lenten Rose, there is also the Christmas Rose. Not the easiest to grow in Wales, its beautiful pure white flowers often start their floriferous journey as early as December.  Sometimes hidden in the snow they prefer a well drained, lime rich soil. Never mind  though if you don’t have just what it needs, it is excellent in a container, to be moved around as necessary.

Add the low growing Helleborus species to the equation and your garden can look stunning from January onwards. Which other plant will give such value for money. They are all often still flowering well into April. Cultural details here.

Attractive leaves are an added bonus and if planted under deciduous shrubs they sit out the summer  keeping the weeds down.

Farmyard Nurseries aerial viewThey have few pests and diseases – watch out for greenfly and blackspot, both of which can rear their ugly heads. The greenfly can be huge!!

Why not pay us a visit at the nursery and have a look at the Hellebores we breed from. They have their own house next to the national collection of Sarracenias. We are always pleased to show you around.