Autumn Saxifrages cultivars.

Saxifraga fortunei cultivars are rather spectacular and unusual late flowering plants.  Autumn saxifrages are amazing for adding colour to that shady spot that is starting to look a bit shabby.  Flowering from August, right up until Christmas if the weather is kind.  As a result their frothy mounds of tiny flowers roll out gently giving a glistening Gypsophila-like effect.  Try combining with other late flowering woodland plants below.

Saxifraga fortunei and its related varieties are a massive group of plants that are not widely known or grown.  Everything about them is interesting.  Their foliage, their flowers, their favoured location and the time of year that they bloom.  All of these attributes add up to give us a plant that should be grown in all gardens.

To grow well they prefer a sheltered spot, they are completely hardy but the longer the worst of the frost can be kept from their delicate flowers the longer the colour period will persist.  Give them a soil which is well drained yet moisture retentive which can be achieved by digging in lots of well rotted compost, leaf mold or bark. They grow between 15-30 cms.

If you fancy something rather spectacular and unusual then these Saxifraga fortunei may be for you.

Autumn Saxifrages - Saxifraga fortunei korin

Saxifraga Fortunei

begonia panchthrensis, they go really well with autumn saxifrages

Hardy Begonias (Begonia grandis)

tricyrtis formosana blu-shing toad to compliment autumn saxifrages