Follow our updates on our journey to Hampton Court 4th-5th July 2022 where we will be assisting the Gardener’s World presenter Sue Kent with her #KnollingWithDaisies project.

08/06/2022 – Filming day!  Gardeners’ World and Sue Kent came to the nurseries to film.  We were all here early making some last minute preparations before the cameras started to roll.  It was an opportunity to talk about the trials and tribulations of growing to a timescale and how sometimes nature just doesn’t play ball.  I was also able to give Sue some guidance on getting plants into show condition.  The item will be going out on BBC 2 at 7.30pm on Friday 1st July.  Remember to put your gardening tools down, forget about the weeds, get yourself comfortable and join us.

filming for Gardeners' World

03/05/2022 – Sue Kent called in for a visit to see how everything is coming along, once we had checked in on the plants, we of course had to have some tea and cakes, Sue had to get re-acquainted with the Farmyard Nursery resident Jack Russells and we were able to fit in another tour of the Nursery. I think she was quite in awe of our Plant Heritage National Plant Collection of Sarracenias!  They are currently in flower and they really are quite striking.

Sue Kent admiring our Sarracenias

photographing the blooms on the sarracenias

inspecting plants

Having a close look

03/03/2022 – We don’t have much control over nature, and I must admit I’ve been getting a little nervous that maybe some of our chosen plants may not be ready at the right time, it’s a tentative time and we have to dismiss the urge to make changes.  On the whole though everything is coming along nicely and we have a tunnel of lovely looking plants.

01/02/2022 – It’s full steam ahead! We are now able to announce that we are a sponsor of  Sue Kent’s project #knollingwithdaisies.  Knolling is the process of arranging related objects in parallel or 90º angles; this has been applied to the layout of borders,walls, paving and plant design.

Sue has decided to use many plants from the daisy family, due to their sunny disposition and Sue feels that they inspire her to look at life the same way, and after meeting Sue I can confirm that she really does have a sunny disposition herself.

13/01/2022 – After a few weeks of looking at plans and making the final decision on plants we just needed to wait for the go ahead, and today we got the news that everything had been approved so it was going to be full steam ahead…..exciting times!

going through plans for RHS Hampton Court

09/12/2021 – So a week or so ago I received a message from Sue Kent, the Gardener’s World presenter, asking if I’d be able to advise her and grow some plants for her display at RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival.  It took me a nanosecond to think about, or maybe I didn’t think and before I knew it I was keenly agreeing.  After a few messages back and forth, Sue came out to visit us today and have a guided tour of the 3 acres of Nursery.  We were able to throw some ideas around and come up with some really fun ideas.  But for now it was all going to be Top Secret.  I think she built up quite a rapport with our Jack Russells!

myself and Sue Kent on her 1st visit