Callistemon viminalis Captain CookCallistemon viminalis Captain Cook

Callistemon viminalis 'Captain Cook'

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Callistemon viminalis Captain Cook'

(Bottlebrush Tree) A highly sought-after evergreen shrub, well-suited for coastal or sunny sheltered locations. Its vibrant scarlet bottlebrush-like flowers adorn the foliage throughout the summer, lending an exotic charm to the garden. This plant is ideal for enthusiasts seeking unique additions to their outdoor spaces. It thrives in well-drained soil and enjoys full sunlight. Other unusual plants that complement Callistemon viminalis include Cordyline australis varieties and Phormiums

Common NameBottlebrush
Approx Height (10 yrs.)120-180 cm (48-72")
Soil TypeAll
Soil pHAcid, Neutral
HardinessHardy may need protection
Flowering TimeSummer
Cut FlowerCut Flower
Flower ColourRed
Plant TypeShrubs
(Bottlebrush Tree) A very popular evergreen shrub suitable for a coastal or sunny sheltered site. Bright scarlet bottlebrush-like flowers are borne throughout the summer months, giving a truly exotic look to the garden. A plant for those who like something a little different.

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