Aphelandra squarrosa with ornate pot coverAphelandra squarrosa with ornate pot coverAphelandra squarrosa with ornate pot cover

Aphelandra squarrosa with ornate pot cover

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Size: 1 Ltr
A beautiful foliage plant with the added attraction of bold yellow flowers. They make lovely house plants but although they can cope with some direct sunlight in the mornings, make sure to avoid too much direct sunlight later in the day which will lead to scorched leaves and dehydration. In autumn increase the amount of light they get per day to get them through the dormancy period. Keep the soil moist, only leave the top third of the soil to dry out between waterings. Reduce watering slightly in the winter. An inconsistent moisture level can lead to stunted growth and an unhappy plant. The brighter the location the plant is in the more water it’ll need. Temperature is important, 15-25 C is ideal. They like a moist environment, and a humidity tray is a good way to do this. If the room it's in is too hot or the humidity is too low then the tips of the leaves may start to brown or curl. Mist the leaves every now and then to hydrate the leaves and wash off any dust. Feed monthly with a houseplant feed. This helps to ensure quality foliage and flower development. Feed once every four waters in spring and summer and and reduce to every six waters in winter and autumn. The plant can grow up to 60cm (2') High with leaves to about 9 inches.They grow well in a south facing windowsill but not too close to the window to avoid the leaves getting scorched. How easy to grow- moderate
Common NameZebra Plant
Approx Height (10 yrs.)30-60 cm (12-24")
Variegated FoliageVariegated Foliage
Specimen PlantSpecimen Plant
Flower ColourYellow
Plant TypeHouse Plants
House Plants
Beautiful indoor foliage plants with the added atrraction of bright yellow flowers if conditions are good. Preferring good light but not direct sunlight they like humid conditions so mist regularly. Overwatering is dangerous so water when only when needed, reducing this in the winter. Height 60cm (2'). A plant that is easy if the conditions are adhered to.

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