Alstroemeria intichana Maya

Alstroemeria intichana 'Maya'

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Size: 2 Ltr
Alstroemeria 'Maya' is a delightful dwarf variety of the exotic 'Peruvian Lily', boasting charming white blooms adorned with red eyes. These elegant flowers, resembling lilies, feature delicate black markings, creating a striking contrast against the pristine white petals. 'Maya' is celebrated for its extended blooming period, making it a standout choice for both garden beds and floral arrangements.In terms of cultivation, Alstroemeria 'Maya' thrives in well-drained soil and thrives in sunny to partially shaded locations. Adequate watering and occasional fertilization support healthy growth and prolific flowering. With its compact size and exceptional beauty, 'Maya' is a versatile addition to garden borders, rock gardens, and containers.Pairing 'Maya' with other sun-loving perennials such as Lavender, Daisies, and Coreopsis can enhance its visual appeal and create harmonious garden compositions. Furthermore, its suitability for cutting makes it a popular choice for floral enthusiasts, adding elegance and sophistication to indoor arrangements. Whether enjoyed in the garden or showcased in bouquets, Alstroemeria 'Maya' brings enduring beauty and charm to any setting.
Common NamePeruvian Lily
Approx Height (10 yrs.)15-30 cm (6-12")
Soil TypeAll
Soil pHAcid, Neutral, Alkaline
HardinessHardy may need protection
Flowering TimeSummer to Autumn
Cut FlowerCut Flower
Plants for PollinatorsPlants for Pollinators
Bee FriendlyBee Friendly
Flower ColourRed
ToxicityMay cause skin allergy
Plant TypeHerbaceous
A lovely dwarf red eyed, white form of this exotic 'Peruvian Lily'. sprays of open lily-like flowers, delicately marked with black are borne over long periods. A remarkable plant ideal as a garden plant and suitable for cutting. Height 30cm (1') Spread 60cm (2')

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