Achillea Appleblossom

Achillea 'Appleblossom'

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Size: 2 Ltr
Achillea 'Appleblossom' are effortlessly grown and dependable perennials, boasting flat architectural flower heads that adorn the garden throughout the summer. Thriving in sunny, well-drained sites, they quickly establish into robust clumps, adding charm to any landscape. These classic cottage garden plants reach a height and spread of 60-90cm (2=3')When considering companions for Achillea 'Appleblossom', opt for other cottage garden favorites such as lavender, delphiniums, and daisies. Additionally, they pair well with ornamental grasses like stipa and calamagrostis, creating texture and movement in garden borders. With their enduring blooms and easygoing nature, Achillea 'Appleblossom' adds timeless beauty to any garden setting, enhancing the overall aesthetic with their classic appeal.
Common NameYarrow
Approx Height (10 yrs.)60-90 cm (24-36")
Soil TypeAll
Soil pHAcid, Neutral, Alkaline
Flowering TimeSummer
Cut FlowerCut Flower
Plants for PollinatorsPlants for Pollinators
Bee FriendlyBee Friendly
Flower ColourPink
Plant TypeHerbaceous
Easy to grow reliable perennials with flat architectural heads of flowers throughout the summer months. Prefers a sunny well drained site where it will soon form a good clump. A good old- fashioned cottage garden plant. Height and spread 90-100cm (3')

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