Acer platanoides Royal Red

Acer platanoides 'Royal Red'

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Size: 10 Ltr
Acer 'Royal Red' is an impressive deciduous tree prized for its striking maple-shaped leaves, which boast a rich deep crimson-purple hue that persists throughout the summer. As it matures, it forms a large canopy, eventually reaching heights of 30 feet or more. This tree thrives in well-drained soil and prefers a sunny to partially shaded location. It is relatively low-maintenance and tolerant of various soil types, making it suitable for a wide range of garden settings. Acer 'Royal Red' makes a stunning focal point in the landscape and associates well with other trees and shrubs in mixed borders or woodland gardens. Its bold foliage adds vibrant color and texture to any garden, making it a favorite among gardeners seeking a statement tree with year-round interest.
Common NameRed Leaved Maple
Approx Height (10 yrs.)180 cm+ (72"+)
Soil TypeLoam
Soil pHNeutral
Coloured FoliageRed-Purple Foliage
Plant TypeTrees
A handsome deciduous tree with typically Maple shaped 'Fingered' leaves in a rich deep crimson purple colour that keep their colour throughout the Summer months. It is a large tree that will eventually reach 30' or more.

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