hostas A lovely green Hosta growing in a shady spotHostas

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing the colour pour back into our gardens. The chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine whilst adding a few new plants to our collection is great. Those with a shady garden or corner that doesn’t see too much sun can find it difficult to add that pop of colour and summer interest. All Hostas flower too, so if your shady garden is lacking blooms this really is the perfect solution.

Hostas could be the answer you’ve been looking for.  These amazing plants don’t get nearly enough attention.  With their beautiful variegated leaves, the addition of one or two can add a range of great colour, foliage and architecture to your garden.

With over 150 varieties to choose from at Farmyard Nurseries you really are spoilt for choice. We have a full range of shapes and sizes.  Whether you are creating a new area or have a small gap to fill you will find the perfect addition to your shady garden.  You can really have some fun with the different names too, love shoes? Why not add the Hosta ‘Stiletto”, looking to get the kids interested in the garden how about letting them choose  ‘Wolverine’ or “T-Rex’?

Hostas also make great gifts, equally happy growing in a pot as they are planted.  Giving a friend or family member a potted plant can add colour to a patio or decked area.  They are very forgiving so they will thrive for even the least green fingered amongst us.

Hostas are great for the important bugs in our gardens too.  There low-level foliage offers a cool haven for ladybirds and other insects to escape the sun.  Having said that slugs are very partial to them too, so some precautions need to be taken to protect your new additions.  As we’ve mentioned they do well in pots so placing pots in a gravelled area can protect them from attack.  The addition of some organic slug pellets will see off the particularly committed slug visitors.

For Hostas in the garden there are a range of organic approaches that will keep the slugs at bay.  We recommend keeping the ground well worked and rough. Slugs prefer a wet slippy surface so the drier and more rugged the terrain the less attractive it becomes.  Add some egg shells to further increase the roughness of the ground or add some gravel around the base.  This is an approach we find particularly successful here at Farmyard Nurseries.  We have heard of clients having some success using sheep’s wool to combat slugs too.  Finally we are hearing mixed reviews about using left over coffee grounds in the battle against slugs, check out our Facebook page to read an article we have recently shared.