Getting the most from our website

One of the main purposes of our website is to showcase the vast amounts of different plants that we stock, and I mean vast!  where to find the stock alert buttonWe are now nearly 2 years in to the new look website and we still only have about a quarter of our plants online.  We are trying to only list items that will be available to purchase for many years.  So that we can let people know that a plant is only temporarily out of stock we leave the item on the website but with no stock available. This gives you the option to set up a stock alert. Stock alert is a handy tool that allows you to add your email address to a stock alert list and as soon as we put that item back into stock we will let you know, so you can purchase it before it sells out again.  We will not use your email address for marketing purposes only for letting you know when your item is back in stock.   If you just want to browse through the website but only see what is available to buy at that time then we have a filter on every category page with a check box that you can tick that will filter out all items that are not in stock, I have highlighted it in yellow on the picture below.

website filter for out of stock plants

Stock Availability and different pot sizes

When you search for something the item will come up.  On the fromt page it will give a stock number, this is the total number of plants that are in stock.  It could well be a combination of all sizes that we sell so for example in the Acer below the front page says that we have a total of 6 available for sale.

When you click on this item you will get the following and this may appear to have a zero stock but there is a drop down menu that you need to use on the far right hand side.  (i have highlighted it in the picture below)

Once you click on the dropdown menu, there will 4 options for this particular item that you can choose from, each one will have a different stock figure.  Some will be out of stock and some will be in stock.

Refining your Search

Whilst browsing our website you can refine your search further by using our filters to refine your search.  the filter menuIt allows you to search  by price, pot size, height, soil type, soil pH, aspect, hardiness, flowering time, variegated foliage, coloured foliage, evergreen/deciduous, cut flower, plants for pollinators, bee friendly, butterfly friendly, edible, flower colour, fragrance, toxicity & more.  By using the filters you can find exactly what you need for your garden in a much faster time.  It’s a handy tool and is located on the left hand side of every department and category page.

We also have the facility to refine your search further, and in the highlighted area of the image below, we have a dropdown menu where you can sort by

  • Relevance
  • Newest
  • Best Sellers
  • Price (Lowest-Highest) & (Highest-Lowest)
  • Description (A-Z) & (Z-A)

Using a Mobile or Tablet

where to access the menuUsing a mobile phone or tablet on our website alters the appearance slightly and many of you have asked about the search facility when not using a desktop/laptop, to access the search bar and the menu options you will need to select the three horizontal lines.  After clicking on these 3 horizontal lines the menu bar will expand to show the search bar and the website departments.  Occassionally parts of a mobile screen can be covered by the keyboard when typing, if that is the case you can still scroll the screen up to see as you type.  If for any reason you have problems using our website then please contact us, we will try our best to help you, but we may need the assistance of our web technical team, in which case we will get back to you as soon as possible.

When registering for our website please be careful to ensure that your email address is spelt correctly and that you choose a memorable password.

Enjoy browsing our website!

getting the most out of our website