The Vegetable Garden

The vegetable garden is a large area with a small poly-tunnel and several large raised beds. It is open by invitation only and is run to produce as much fruit and vegetables for the house as possible. One of its primary uses however is for recycling waste from the Nursery.

All old nursery waste  that contain no insecticides or weed seeds, cardboard, cafe waste (excluding meat products) leaves, prunings and just about anything organic is made into compost.

A regular blog will be written as the season progresses and it is hoped that this will become an interactive area of the website.

Schools are catered for in several capacities and children are encouraged to participate in the grow-your-own boom.

A secondary function of the garden is for the production of some of the not so easy to grow plants that are for sale at the nursery and these are grown in a number of contained areas.