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Plant Profile | Sarracenia ‘The Pitcher Plants’

Sarracenia - Insect eating plants...... Sounds scary? Exciting? Certainly interesting and intriguing! To fully understand these remarkable plants and their unique adaptations it is necessary to go back to the lands where they originate. Almost all pitcher plants come from the eastern areas of  North America. Here the ground is wet, sunny, acidic and lacking in nutrients. To enable these amazing plants to survive and flourish an evolutionary sidestep  was called for. As we all know plants need Nitrogen in order to grow,  and, as the land  they grew in was almost totally lacking in this, other methods of acquiring this precious element were needed. The leaves grew tall and cylindrical,  forming 'pitchers' which trapped most flying insects. Many incredible features were utilised. These include slippery surfaces, downward pointing hairs, scent and colour to lure the unwitting prey into their floral prison. Once trapped  digestive enzymes released the nutrients for absorption by the plants. The Sarracenias had arrived!!! Carnivorous plants (Sarracenia) at Farmyard Nurseries Here at the nursery we are very proud to have acquired the Natiional Collection of Sarracenias from Paul Gardener a very dear friend. Housed in their own poly tunnel everyone is welcome to come

Our Nursery

Farmyard Nurseries, Carmarthenshire A Nursery that prides itself on growing hardy plants at reasonable prices. Established 37 years ago, Farmyard Nurseries is a retail nursery growing a wide range of plants especially trees and shrubs, herbaceous perennials, alpines and bedding plants. The nursery covers an area of approximately 3 acres, stocking upwards of 2000 varieties of plants and is based just outside Llandysul. As many plants as possible are grown outside in open beds to promote hardy garden worthy plants that will survive the rigors of our Welsh climate, however  a large area is covered with polythene tunnels to protect young plants, add shade or generally coddle the more unusual bits and pieces.. As we grow most of the plants ourselves we carry huge stocks, upwards of 2000 varieties, and customers are encouraged to wander freely. We have a well stocked  sales area which holds a large proportion of what we sell, however the 'best bits' are usually tucked away in a corner of the 3 acre nursery somewhere and finding these has kept many an avid collector busy for many hours, gleefully routing through nearly 40 polytunnels. Customers are encouraged to 'wander' around the majority of


Visit us at our Carmarthenshire nursery RHS Chelsea Gold Medal Winner Get advice and inspiration GARDEN PLANTS PLANTS FOR AUTUMN PLANTING NEWS & INSPIRATION FROM OUR NURSERY WELCOME TO FARMYARD NURSERIES We are a retail nursery that pride ourselves on providing a wide range of hardy plants at affordable prices, alongside knowledgeable friendly advice. Established in 1982, we specialise in growing hardy plants including Hellebores, Schizostylis (Hesperantha), Primula Sieboldii, herbaceous perennials, alpines, bedding plants, shrubs, trees and more unusual and exotic plants such as Sarracenia. Our nursery in Carmarthenshire is approximately 3 acres in size, allowing us to stock upwards of 2000 varieties of plants, most of which are all grown by us. As many plants as possible are grown outside in open beds to promote hardy garden worthy plants that will survive the rigors of our british climate. We also have 40 polytunnels which are used to protect young plants, add shade or

Nursery life

The herbaceous perennials are looking at their best now. Sarracenias are in full swing Alpines galore and lots of shrubs and trees Why not pay us a visit or shop on line, we have masses of plants looking lovely in this beautiful sunny weather! Bedding is still looking good, grab it while it is still here. We also have some lovely baskets ready made to beautify your home!